Bouncing Ball Computer Graphics Project in OpenGL Source Code


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Project Description

The main idea behind this project is to display the bouncing ball game with computer graphics. This graphics package is based on the OpenGL library functions. The programming language used here is C using OpenGL libraries.

In this project, we are demonstrating the game in which the ball will have a random motion and with every mouse click on the ball, the score will be incremented and the speed of the ball will be increased making the game difficult for the player. The ball will collide with the boundaries of the window and move in a random direction.

The player needs to click on the ball which will increment the score by 1 point for each consecutive click. The game has two levels. In Level 1, the player needs to score 10 points in order to proceed to the next level and next level, level 2 with be with increased difficulty.

The time allotted for each level is 10 seconds. The score will be displayed at the top for each level along with time so as to keep a record of the points and time respectively. The final score is displayed to the player at the end of the game.

Video Demonstration



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