Mechanical Engineering Notes

Mechanical Engineering Notes

VTU Mechanical Engineering Notes – CBCS

Visvesvaraya Technological University has introduced choice based credit system for 2015. In this web portal, students can download CBCS notes as well as question papers.

3 Semester VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme Notes of Mechanical Engineering

15MAT31 /17MAT31 – Engineering Mathematics – III (Engg Maths – 3)

15ME32 / 17ME32 –  Material Science (MS VTU CBCS Notes)

15ME33 / 17ME33 Basic Thermodynamics (BTD VTU notes download)

15ME34 / 17ME34 Mechanics of Materials (MOM free VTU CBCS notes)

15ME35A / 17ME35A – Metal Casting and Welding (MCW VTU Notes)

15ME36A / 17ME36A – Computer Aided Machine Drawing (CAMD VTU CBCS Notes download)

15ME36B /17ME36B – Mechanical Measurements and Metrology (MMM VTU CBCS notes)

4 Semester VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme Notes of Mechanical Engineering

17ME42 Kinematics of Machines (KM 4th sem VTU CBCS notes)

17ME43 Applied Thermodynamics (ATD VTU notes download)

17ME44 Fluid Mechanics (FM VTU CBCS notes free download )

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17ME45A Metal Casting and Welding (MCW Notes download)

17ME34B Machine Tools Operations (MTO free VTU notes download)

5 Semester VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme Notes of Mechanical Engineering

15ME51 / 17ME51- Management and Engineering Economics (MEE Notes download)

15ME52 / 17ME52- Dynamics of Machinery (DOM VTU CBCS notes)

15ME53 /17ME53 – Turbo Machines CBCS Scheme notes download

15ME54 /17ME54 – Design of Machine Elements I (DME – 1 Notes download)

15ME551 – Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, 15ME552 – Theory of Elasticity

15ME553 – Human Resource Management, 15ME554 – Non-Traditional Machining

15ME661 – Optimization Techniques, 15ME662 – Energy and Environment

15ME663 – Automation and Robotics, 15ME664 – Project Management

6th Semester VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Notes

15ME61 – Finite Element Analysis, 15ME62 – Computer Integrated Manufacturing

15ME63 – Heat Transfer, 15ME64 – Design of Machine Elements -II

15ME651 – Computational Fluid Dynamics, 15ME652 – Mechanics of Composite Materials

15ME653 – Metal Forming, 15ME654 – Tool Design, 15ME654 – Automobile Engineering

15ME661 – Energy Auditing, 15ME662 – Industrial Safety

15ME663 – Maintenance Engineering, 15ME664 – Total Quality Management

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7th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

10ME71 – Engineering-Economy10ME72 – Experimental-Stress-Analysis

10ME73 – Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics10ME74 – Mechanical-Vibrations

10ME75 – Operations-Research10ME76 – Total-Quality-Management

15ME71 – Energy Engineering, 15ME72 – Fluid Power Systems

15ME73 – Control Engineering, 15ME741 – Design of Thermal Equipments

15ME742 – Tribology, 15ME743 – Financial Management

15ME744 – Design for Manufacturing, 15ME745 – Smart Materials & MEMS

15ME751 – Automotive Electronics, 15ME752 – Fracture Mechanics

15ME753 – Mechatronics, 15ME754 – Advanced Vibrations

8th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

10ME81 – Operations-Management10ME82 – Control-Engineering

10ME833 – Power-Plant-Engineering10ME844 – Automotive-Engineering

15ME81 – Operations Research, 15ME82 – Additive Manufacturing

15ME831 – Cryogenics, 15ME832 – Experimental Stress Analysis

15ME833 – Theory of Plasticity, 15ME834 – Green Manufacturing

15ME834 – Product lifecycle management

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