Electronics and Communications Engineering Notes

Electronics and Communications Engineering Notes

Electronics and Communications Engineering Notes

This portal is designed for the students of  Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka. This is one of the biggest and top technological universities in Karnataka. More than 250 colleges are affiliated to VTU.

Semester 3 VTU CBCS Notes

17MAT31 / 15MAT31 – Engineering Mathematics – III (Engg Maths – 3)

17EC32 / 15EC32 – Analog Electronics (AE VTU CBCS notes )

17EC33 / 15EC33 – Digital Electronics (DE VTU CBCS notes download)

17EC34 / 15EC34 – Network Analysis (NA 3rd sem VTU Notes)

17EC35 / 15EC35 – Electronics Instrumentation (EI VTU Notes download)

17EC36 / 15EC36 – Engineering Electromagnetic (EE CBCS notes )

Semester 4 VTU CBCS Notes of Electronics and Communication Engineering

17EC42 / 15EC42 – Microprocessor (4th sem notes download)

17EC43 / 15EC43 – Control Systems (CS VTU free notes)

17EC45 / 15EC45 – Principles of Communication Systems (PCS notes download)

17EC44 / 15EC44 – Signals and Systems (S & S 4th sem notes)

17EC46 / 15EC46 – Linear Integrated Circuits (LIC free Notes download)

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Semester 5 VTU CBCS Notes of Electronics and Communication Engineering

15EC51 / 17EC51 – Management and Entrepreneurship (M & E notes download)

15EC52 / 17EC52 – Digital Signal Processing (DSP VTU free notes )

15EC53 / 17EC53 – Verilog HDL (VHDL notes free download)

15EC54 17EC54 – Information Theory and Coding (ICT notes download)

15EC551 / 17EC551 – Nanoelectronics, 15EC552 / 17EC552 – Switching & Finite Automata Theory

15EC554 / 17EC554 – Electrical Engineering Materials (EEM notes uploaded soon)

15EC553 / 17EC553 – Operating Systems (OS free VTU notes download)

15EC555 / 17EC555 MSP430 Microcontroller (MSP430 notes download)

15EC561 / 17EC561 – Automotive Electronics (AE CBCS notes )

15EC562 / 17EC562 – Object Oriented Programming using C++ (OOP C++ notes)

15EC563 -/ 17EC563  8051 Microcontroller

6th Semester VTU CBCS Notes of Electronics and Communication Engineering

15EC61 / 17EC61 – Digital Communication, 15EC63 / 17EC63- VLSI Design

15EC62 / 17EC62 – ARM Microcontroller & Embedded Systems

15EC64 17EC64 – Computer Communication Networks, 15EC652 / 17EC652- Adaptive Signal Processing

15EC651 / 17EC651 – Cellular Mobile Communication

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15EC654 / 17EC654 – Digital Switching Systems, 15EC653 / 17EC653 – Artificial Neural Networks

15EC655 / 17EC655 – Microelectronics, 15EC661 / 17EC661 – Data Structures Using C++

15EC662 / 17EC662 – Power Electronics, 15EC663 / 17EC663 – Digital System Design using Verilog

Semester 7 VTU Notes of Electronics and Communication Engineering

15EC71 / 17EC71 – Microwave and Antennas, 15EC73 / 17EC73- Power Electronics

15EC72 / 17EC72 – Digital Image Processing, 15EC741 / 17EC741- Multimedia Communication

15EC742 / 17EC 742 – Biomedical Signal Processing, 15EC743 / 17EC743- Real-Time Systems

15EC744 / 17EC744 – Cryptography, 15EC745 / 17EC745- CAD for VLSI

15EC751 / 17EC751 – DSP Algorithms and Architecture, 15EC753 / 17753- Pattern Recognition

15EC752 / 17EC752 – IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks, 15EC754 / 17EC754- Advanced Computer Architecture

15EC755 / 17EC755- Satellite Communication,  10EC71 Computer Communication Networking (CCN notes download)


10EC74 Embedded System Design (ESD CBCS notes download),  10EC752 Micro and Smart Systems Technology (MSST notes)

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15EC762 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS notes download),   10EC751 – DSP ALGORITHMS & ARCHITECTURE, 10EC763 – IMAGE PROCESSING

8th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

15EC81 / 17EC81 – Wireless Cellular and LTE 4G Broadband, 15EC82 / 17EC82 – Fiber Optics & Networks

15EC831 / 17EC831 – Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, 15EC832 / 17EC832 – Speech Processing

15EC834 / 17EC834 – Machine learning, 15EC833 / 17EC833 – Radar Engineering, 15EC835 / 17EC835 – Network and Cyber Security

Electronics and Communications Engineering VTU Question Papers

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