Electrical and Electronics Engineering Notes

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Notes

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka is one of the biggest technological university in Karnataka. More than 250 colleges are affiliated to VTU. Here you can download the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Notes.

Semester 3 – VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme Notes

Semester 4 – VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme

Semester 5 – VTU CBCS (choice based credit system) Scheme

15EE51 / 17EE51 Management and Entrepreneurship (M & E 5th sem)

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15EE52 / 17EE52 Microcontroller (MC 5th sem notes),   15EE53 / 17EE53 Power Electronics (PE VTU CBCS notes download)

15EE54 / 17EE54 Signals and Systems (S & S modules wise notes),  15EE551 / 17EE551 – Introduction to Nuclear Power (INP module wise notes)

15EE552 / 17EE552 – Electrical Engineering Materials (EEM download notes),  15EE553 / 17EE553 Estimating and Costing (E & C VTU notes)

15EE554 / 17EE554 – Special Electrical Machines (SEM download notes), 15EE561 / 17EE561 – Electronic Communication systems (ECS)

15EE562 / 17EE562 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), 15EE563 / 17EE563 – Renewable Energy Systems (RES),  15EE564 / 17EE564- Business Communication (BC)

6th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

15EE61 / 17EE61- Control Systems (CS 6th sem notes download),   15EE62 / 17EE62 – Power System Analysis – 1 (PSA – 1 free VTU notes)

15EE63 / 17EE63 – Digital Signal Processing (DSP VTU CBCS notes),  15EE64  / 17EE64 – Electrical Machine Design (EMD download notes )

15EE651 / 17EE651 – Computer Aided Electrical Drawing (CAED VTU CBCS),   15EE652 / 17EE652 – Advanced Power Electronics (APE)

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15EE653 / 17EE653 – Energy Audit and Demand-side Management (EA & DM),   15EE654 / 17EE654 – Solar and Wind Energy (S & WE )

15EE661 / 17EE661- Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic (ANN & FL),   15EE662 – Sensors and Transducers (S & T)

15EE663 / 17EE663 – Batteries and Fuel Cells for Commercial, Military and Space Applications,   15EE664  / 17EE664 – Industrial Servo Control Systems (ISCS)

7th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

15EE71 / 17EE71 – Power System Analysis – 2 (PSA – 2 CBCS notes),  15EE72 / 17EE72- Power System Protection (PSP VTU notes )

15EE73 / 17EE73 – High Voltage Engineering (HVE download notes),  15EE741 / 17EE741 – Advanced Control Systems (ACS 7th sem notes)

15EE742 / 17EE742 – Utilization of Electrical Power (UEP notes),  15EE743 / 17EE743 – Carbon Capture and Storage (CC & S)

15EE744 /  17EE744 – Power System Planning (PSP),  15EE751 / 17EE751 – FACTs and HVDC Transmission (FACTs and HDVC)

15EE752 / 17EE752 – Testing and Commissioning of Power System Apparatus (T & C PSA)

15EE753 – Spacecraft Power Technologies (SPT), 15EE754 – Industrial Heating

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8th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

15EE81 / 17EE81 – Power System Operation and Control,  15EE82 / 17EE82- Industrial Drives and Applications,

15EE831 / 17EE831 – Smart Grid, 15EE832 / 17EE832- Operation and Maintenance of Solar Electric Systems

15EE833 / 17EE833- Integration of Distributed Generation, 15EE834 / 17EE834- Power System in Emergencies

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering VTU Question Papers

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