Computer Science and Engineering Notes

Computer Science and Engineering Notes

Computer Science and Engineering Notes

Here you can download VTU study material such as Notes, Question Papers on various subjects such as Programming With C and Data Structures – 18PCD13/23, Discrete Mathematics, and Graph Theory – 15CS34 / 17CS36, Operating Systems – 15CS53, Computer Networks – 15CS55, Computer Graphics and Visualization – 15CS65, Data Communication – 15CS46, Object-Oriented Modelling and Design 15CS71, Embedded Computing Systems 15CS72, Programming the Web 15CS73, Advanced Computer Architecture 15CS74, JAVA and J2EE 15CS753

Click here to Download 2018 Scheme VTU CBCS Notes

Follow the below links to download 2017 and 2015 Scheme VTU CBCS Notes

1st and 2nd Semester

18MAT11 / 17MAT11 – Engineering Mathematics – I  (Engg Maths – 1 Notes)

18MAT21 / 17MAT21 – Engineering Mathematics – II (Engg Maths – 1 Notes)

18PHY12 – 18PHY22 – Engineering Physics (Engg. Physics VTU Notes for 1st and 2nd sem)

18CHE12 – 18CHE22 – Engineering Chemistry (Engg. Chemistry VTU Notes for 1st and 2nd sem)

18PCD13 – 18PCD23 – Programming With C and Data Structures (PCD Notes free download)

18CIV13 – 18CIV23 – Element of Civil Engineering and Mechanics (ECMS VTU notes download)

READ  17EC35 Electronic and Instrumentation VTU Notes

18EME14 – 18EME24 – Elements of Mechanical Engineering (EME VTU CBCS notes)

18ELE15 – 18ELE25 – Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE VTU CBCS free notes)

18ELN15 – 18ELN25 – Basic Electronics (BEE VTU free notes download)

3rd Semester Notes of Computer Science and Engineering notes

18MAT31 – 17MAT31 – Engineering Mathematics (3rd Sem VTU notes download)

18CS32 – 17CS32 – Analog and Digital Electronics Question and Answers Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4 & 5

18CS33 – 17CS33 – Data Structures and Applications (DSA VTU notes download)

18CS34 – 17CS34 – Computer Organization (CO – VTU CBCS notes download)

18CS35 – 17CS35 – Unix and Shell Programming (USP notes download )

18CS36 – 17CS36 – Discrete Mathematics Structures (DMS – VTU free notes download)

4th Semester Notes

18CS42 – 15CS42 / 17CS42 Software Engineering (SE – VTU free notes download)

18CS43 – 15CS43 / 17CS43 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA notes download)

18CS44 – 15CS44 / 17CS 44 Microprocessor and Micro Controller (MMC – VTU notes download)

18CS45 – 17CS45/ 15CS45 Object-Oriented Concepts (OOC with Java notes download)

18CS46 – 17cs46 / 15CS46 Data Communication (DC VTU CBCS notes download )

READ  18ME52 Dynamics of Machines VTU Notes

5th Semester Notes

18CS51 – 17CS51 / 15CS51 – Management and Entrepreneurship (M & E Notes free download)

18CS52 – 17CS52 / 15CS52 – Computer Networks (CNE – VTU CBS notes download for free)

18CS53 – 17CS53 / 15CS53 – Database Management System (DBMS CBCS notes download)

18CS54 – 17CS54 / 15CS54 – Automata Theory and Comparability (ATC VTU CBCS notes)

18CS551 – 17CS551 / 15CS551 Object-Oriented Modelling and Design (OOMD free CBCS notes)

18CS553 – 17CS553 / 15CS553 – Advanced Java and J2EE (AJJ VTU Notes download)

18CS554 – 17CS554 / 15CS564 – DOT NET Framework and Application Development (DOT Net VTU notes)

18CS562 – 17CS562 / 15CS562 – Artificial Intelligence (AI notes free download)

6th Semester VTU Notes

18CS61 – 17CS61 / 15CS61 – Cryptography, Network Security, and Cyber Law,     18CS62 – 17CS62 / 15CS62 – Computer Graphics and Visualization

18CS63 – 17CS63 / 15CS63 –  System Software and Compiler Design,        18CS64 – 17CS64 / 15CS64 – Operating Systems

18CS651 – 17CS551 / 15CS551 Object-Oriented Modeling and Design Notes, 18CS651 – 17CS651 / 15CS651 – Data Mining and Data Warehousing,   

18CS652 – 17CS652 / 15CS652 – Software Architecture and Design Patterns, 18CS653 – 17CS653 / 15CS653 – Operations research,                        

READ  Electronics and Communications Engineering Notes

18CS654 – 17CS654 / 15CS654 – Distributed Computing system, 18CS662 – 17CS662 / 15CS662 Artificial Intelligence VTU CBCS Notes

18CS664 – 17CS664 / 15CS664 – Python Application Programming

7th Semester VTU Notes

17CS71 / 15CS71 – Web Technology and its applications17CS72 / 15CS72 – Advanced Computer Architectures

17CS73 / 15CS73 – Machine Learning,     17CS741 / 15CS741 – Natural Language Processing

17CS742 / 15CS742 – Cloud Computing and its Applications,   17CS744 / 15CS744 – Unix System Programming,                    

17CS751 / 15CS751 – Soft and Evolutionary Computing, 17CS752 / 15CS752 – Computer Vision and Robotics,                

17CS753 / 15CS753 – Digital Image Processing, 17CS754 / 15CS754 – Storage Area Networks

8th Semester VTU Notes

17CS81 / 15CS81 – Internet of Things and Applications,      17CS82 / 15CS82 – Big Data Analytics VTU CBCS Note

17CS831 / 15CS831 – Big Data Analytics,    17CS832 / 15CS832 – User Interface Design

17CS833 / 15CS833 – Network management,   17CS834 / 15CS834 – System Modeling and Simulation

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