Downloading and installing Python 3

In this tutorial we will learn how to download and install python 3.

If one wants to learn any programming language, he/she needs to practice rather than reading. Hence in this tutorial will learn how to download and install python3.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows or Mac OSX or Linux, as it runs great on every operating system.

However, downloading and installing Python is a bit different process on every operating system.

Let’s started with one by one operating system.

Downloading and installing Python

Windows Operating System

Installing Python on Windows operating system is like installing any other program. Follow the instruction…

Go to the official Python website that is

Move cursor over the blue Downloads button, but don’t click it. You will see the different options to choose, like operating system, etc. Then cursor over Windows and click the button that downloads the latest version of Python.

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Once downloading is finished, double click the the installer. Make sure that you have selected launcher option and then click Install Now.

python installation windows
Python Installation on Windows

Once the installation is over, either use Windows power shell or IDLE to run the programs. If you use Windows power shell, type python3 on command prompt to get python shell.

Other operating systems – Mac OSX and Linux

Operating systems like Mac OSX and Linux, come with pre-installed Python package. To check whether Python is installed or not, you can follow the steps below.

Move the mouse cursor over all applications and open a terminal. Procedure to open terminal depends on the operating you are using, but most operating systems one or other ways to search for programs. Search for a program called a terminal and launch it.

Once the terminal is open, type python3 and press Enter. You should see something like this:

Python Installation on Other Operating Systems
Python Installation on Other Operating Systems

Now you can type the command exit() and press Enter to get out of Python shell. Or you can just close the Terminal window or PowerShell.

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Download and Install Anaconda Python

Standard python package has only core python libraries. If you want to use packages such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc, you need to download and install them separately. The best solution to avoid such tedious task is to use python anaconda package. This package has all basic python libraries need for any python programmer from beginner to data scientist.

Follow the steps to download and install python anaconda package.

Go to the official website of Anaconda Python distribution. Then click on the download button. Then choose the operating system, processor and download the latest version. Once the anaconda python package is downloaded, double click on the installer to start installing.

Anaconda Python Download
Anaconda Python Download


In this tutorial, we have learned how to download, install and launch standard python and python anaconda package on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Operating systems.

If you face any trouble in installing python, do let me know in comments box. If you like the tutorial please share with your friends.

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