Analog clock Computer Graphics Project Report


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Table of Content  

Sl No   Page No
1  Introduction 1
     1.1  Introduction to computer graphics 1
      1.2  Introduction to an OpenGL 2
2  Module diagram 3
3  Module Description 4
4  OpenGL API’s 7
5  Screen Shots 12
6  References 14

Project Description

Here, we are going to develop the basic structure of the Analog clock in computer graphics. In this, we will tell how to make a clock structure by using OpenGL functions to display time. This package is based on the OpenGL library functions. Our program will give the Analog clock with system time. The programming language is used here is C.

The main theme of this project is as follows:

–>  It is Interactive 2D graphics.

–>  The clock will be displayed.

–>  Time will be displayed as the same as system time.



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