Solution to 18CS45 OOC Module 3 Question Bank

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Solution to 18CS45 OOC Module 3 Solved Question Bank

Here you can find the solution to the 18CS45 OOC Module 3 Question Bank.

1. Can you overload the constructor and destructor? Justify with a suitable program. July-17, Marks 6

2. Write a short note on the “this” keyword with an example. July-19, Marks 4

3. Explain the Java garbage collector.  July-19, Marks 8

4. Illustrate with an example a superclass variable that can reference a subclass object. Jan.-18, Marks 6

5. Elucidate the concept of inheritance and its classifications in Java with sketches. July 18, Marks 8

6. With an example, give two uses of super.  July-17, Marks 5

7. Write short notes on the “super” keyword, with an example.  July-19, Marks 4

8. What are constructors in Java? Explain its types with suitable programming examples.

9. Define inheritance. Explain multilevel hierarchy with an example program. Jan.-19, Marks 5

10. Compare and contrast method overloading and method overriding with suitable examples. July-17, Marks 6, Jan.-18, Marks 5, Jan.-19, Marks 4

11. Discuss the following terms with examples: i) super ii) final.  Jan.-19, Marks 8

Solution: i) Super Keyword ii) Final Keyword

12. Define an exception in java. Write a program that contains one method which will throw IllegalAccessException and use proper exception handlers so that exception should be printed. July-17, Marks 6

13. Give the basic form of an exception handling block.  Jan.-18, Marks 8

14. Define the role of exception in software development.  July 18, Marks 2

15. Define an exception in Java. Explain the exception handling mechanism with an example.  Jan.-19, Marks 8

16. Explain exception handling with a suitable code. July-19, Marks 8

17. Explain the method overriding with a programming example.

18. What is a class in Java? Explain how data fields and methods are declared and accessed in Java using a programming example.

19. Write a Java program to find the area of a rectangle, triangle, and square by the overloading Area method.

20. What is this keyword in Java? Explain how to use this keyword in Java with programming examples.

21. What is Method overloading in java? Explain with programming examples.

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