Mechanical Engineering 7th semester VTU CBCS Notes

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Mechanical Engineering 7th semester VTU CBCS Notes

Download mechanical engineering VTU CBCS notes for 7th semester.

Core Subjects

Here you can download VTU CBCS notes of Energy Engineering (15ME71 or 17ME71), Fluid Power Systems (15ME72 or 17ME72), Control Engineering (15ME73 or 17ME73).

Professional Elective-III

Design of Thermal Equipments (15ME741 or 17ME741), Tribology (15ME742 or 17ME742), Financial Management (15ME743 or 17ME743), Design for Manufacturing (15ME744 or 17ME744), Smart Materials & MEMS (15ME745).

Professional Elective-IV

Automotive Electronics (15ME751), Fracture Mechanics (15ME752), Mechatronics (15ME753), Advanced Vibrations (15ME754).

Click below links to download VTU CBCS Notes of 7th sem mechanical engineering.

Energy Engineering VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME71

Fluid Power Systems VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME72

Control Engineering VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME73

Tribology Professitinal elective VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME742

Mechatronics Professitinal elective VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME753

Advanced Vibrations Professitinal elective VTU CBCS Notes – 15ME754

10ME71 – Engineering-Economy10ME72 – Experimental-Stress-Analysis

10ME73 – Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics10ME74 – Mechanical-Vibrations

10ME75 – Operations-Research10ME76 – Total-Quality-Management

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