15CS53 Database Management Systems

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15CS53 Database Management Systems

Download VU CBCS notes of 15CS53 Database Management Systems for 5th-semester computer science and engineering, VTU Belagavi.

Module 1 – Introduction to Database

Following are the contents of module 1 – Introduction to DatabaseCharacteristics, Advantages of a database approach. Applications of database systems.Overview of Data Models, Schemas, and Instances. Schema architecture, database languages.Entities and Relationships (ER Models) Entity types, sets, attributes, roles, and structural constraints, entity types, examples, Specialization, and Generalization.

Module 2 – Relational Model

Following are the contents of module 2 – Relational Model, Algebra and SQLRelational Model Concepts, Constraints, and relational database schemas.Relational Algebra: Unary and Binary and additional relational operations such as aggregate, grouping, etc. Query examples in relational algebra. Mapping Conceptual Design into a Logical Design and Structured Query Language.

Module 3 –

Following are the contents of module 3 – SQLAdvances Queries in SQL. Database Application Development such as  Accessing databases, An introduction to Java Database Connection.

Module 4 – Normalization

Following are the contents of module 4 – NormalizationIntroduction to Normalization using Functional and Multivalued Dependencies.Relation schema design, Functional Dependencies, primary key based Normal Forms, 2nd and 3rd Normal Forms, Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF), Multivalued Dependency and 4thNormal Form, Join Dependencies and 5th Normal form and Normalization Algorithms.

Module 5 – Transaction Processing

Following are the contents of module 5 – Transaction ProcessingIntroduction, System concepts, Desirable properties of Transaction Processing. Recoverability, Serializability in SQL.Concurrency Control in Databases and Introduction to Database Recovery Protocols.

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M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4 and M-5 another Set M-1, M-2 Part1, M-2 Part2, M-3, and M-4

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