Online Computer Shop Free Final Year project with Source Code

Online Computer Shop Free Final Year project with Source Code

In this article, we discuss the Online Computer Shop for Final Year project implemented in ASP .NET

The computer is the most common device to work in any field or in any country in the world. Online Computer Shop is a one spot where customer can purchase the parts of the computer.

The main objective of the project are :

Choose the right parts. Order the parts. Purchase parts from store. Better allocation of capacity. Improved controller productivity. Proactive market response. To reduce the Manual work.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Software Requirements: 

  1.  Front End : ASP.NET 3.5 with C#
  2.  Back End : SQL SERVER-2005, C#
  3.  Operating System: window 7
  4.  Browser : Internet Explorer 8

Hardware Requiements:

  1. Processor: 233 MHz PentiumĀ® processor or other compatible
  2. Memory: 256 MB SD-RAM. or greater
  3. Hard Disk: Free Space 5GB(Min)
  4. Mother Board: IntelPantiumĀ® Chipset Motherboard.
  5. RAM: 256 MB SD-RAM.

Validation Control

We have done validation in the signup form.

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Mandatory fields are validated through RequiredFieldValidator Control.

Each field is mandatory except Phone No and mobile No.

Pincode field is validated through Regular Expression Validator Control.

For password and confirm password field we have used RegularExpressionValidator control and CompareValidator Control.

To validate the email ID, a regular expression is used.

To verify the email id, it must be entered in a specific format.

System Constraints

Online Computer Shop system is web-based new development system. Every system has some terms and conditions associated with it. These constraints help to avoid the wrong insertion or processing of data. This helps to improve accuracy.

This system also has some conditions associated with it, which helps this system to function properly and efficiently. They are as follows:

One of the conditions we add that only authorize person can access the whole system. Any changes in the system can be done by an administrator only as he has its own id and password.

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